• Core Strengthening Exercises For Golfers

    Golfers need help in stabilizing balance and strengthening the body parts that are used when playing golf. If you have control of your muscles and joints, you reduce the possibility of injury during a swing as you hit the golf ball also your game will improve no end.

    Core strengthening exercises are often neglected by golfers but this is one of the most important things to do if you are actively playing this sport. Execute the steps correctly and you will surely see a difference in your playing performance. Ten core strengthening exercises for golfers can be done by beginners, professionals and senior players alike.

    You may also want to learn the insider tips on how to stop hitting fat or thin golf shots all of these hints and tips can be found at https://thegolfingpro.com. Why not drop by you are sure to learn something new about golf or the latest golfing equipment.

  • Best Dressed Golfer

    We all want to look cool on the golf course, so what do we need? Best golf shorts on the course for starters. Everyone wants to look their best and a pair of high quality good looking golf shorts is a great start. Team that with one of the best golf shirts and you are on to a winner. So after that you are looking the smartest/coolest golfer out there maybe finish your look off with the best golf hat. Now all you need to do is enjoy the day knowing you look like a professional. For more tips and reviews visit The Golfing Pro

  • Golf Balls For Beginners

    So you are probably wondering if you are just starting out in the golf game if there is such a thing as Best Golf Balls For Beginners Well let me tell you there is . Do not worry about that any more. We have come up with a guide to help you identify the best golf balls for beginners in the market right now. Once you have the correct golf balls you will also want The Best Golf Drivers For Beginners that is also covered in detail. Now you have the golf equipment you need some great advice on how to drive a golf ball. All in all a great read and will no doubt improve the golfing beginners journey greatly.

  • Golf Chipping Drill

    A golf chipping drill is worth practicing. Remember, every skill in golf requires practice. The more you work on these drills, the better you become at taking short chip shots around the green. A golf chip is generally needed when you’re playing near the green just a few yards away from the putting surface. The effect is that you end up popping the ball in the air momentarily until it touches the ground and travels toward the hole.

    The main purpose of hitting the golf ball into the air is to go over an intermediate state, such as fringe or rough, which prevents you from putting straight in.

    As much as you can use various kinds of clubs, most would choose to use a wedge. You’ll see a lot of golfers selecting 7 or 8-irons for just this kind of shot. Also something you need to learn very early on is How To Hold A Golf Club Properly find all the info there and for loads more Golfing Tips and Reviews . Nothing to lose and everything to gain as far as your golfing game goes.

  • Best Golf Shirts For Hot Summer Weather

    Looking for the best golf shirts for hot weather For many, the cornerstone of a golfer’s wardrobe is their golf shirts. When shopping for golf shirts, you want moisture-wicking technology, high-performance material, and a proper fit to ensure comfort throughout the game. Also, it would be best if you had a golf polo that is indeed long enough to not just come out every time you make a drive.

    Though cotton feels comfortable on the skin, sweat causes a cotton shirt to feel heavy and tends to stick to your body. If you do decide to wear a cotton golf shirt on humid, damp days, you must look for shirts that are classified as “moisture-wicking.”
    Check labels to ascertain if the specific top does have these properties. During the colder months you may need to invest in some Winter Golf Gloves So feel free to check out the reviews at https://thegolfingpro.com

  • Best Golf Clubs For Seniors

    If you’re 50 years old, at least, you’re often known as a senior golfer. Individual sections of this game will have varying age limits, running between 45 and 55. Whatever your age, becoming a senior golfer requires one thing: you’re going to be thinking about switching your clubs. It may also be due to your slower swing rate, aching bones, and some other possible conditions that affect it. Worry not, since, in this report, we selected the best golf clubs for seniors together with a detailed purchasing guide.

  • How to select the right sunscreen for a golfer

    How to select the right sunscreen for a golfer?

    When it relates to the perfect sunscreen for golfers a make-or-break factor is the level of protection. You will need to ensure that the sunscreen blocks as much UV radiation as feasible. Here are a few easy points to remember when shopping :

    -Look for wide-spectrum choices

    Since you’re a golfer, you need a broad sunscreen for maximum protection. A wide-spectrum sunscreen helps to prevent all UVB and UVA radiation from your skin.

    UVB is the wrongdoer causing visible sun damage. That’s the one that creates sunburn and darker traces for a long time after basking under the sun. UVA, on the other hand, is the ray that alters your DNA. It’s the one that triggers aging of the skin and possible melanoma. A lot more info is available at https://thegolfingpro.com They’re both evils. That is why you should always wear sunscreen, which helps protect against both of these harmful rays. Not forgetting your Golfers Sunglasses Golfers spend countless hours under the sun, so they can’t take a gamble on a sunscreen which provides minimal protection.

  • Tips For Golf Chip Shots

    When taking short chip shots, the most common issue people face is that they do it with a shallow path of the swing. Whenever you take a shallow swing path, the most common issues and tips for golf chip shots. you will face are

    You will be struggling to end up with a clean ball strike for someone who is on the greenside rough. You end up catching too much grass in the process.

    A shallow swing makes it easy for you to reach the ground before hitting the ball, even for a professional player.

    With a shallow swing, the chances of generating enough momentum are difficult. Some are likely to drive the ball over, while others decelerate and end up destroying their rhythm on the downswing.

    Both of the above variables leave you with more wrist stress, making it challenging to take a decent shot. That’s why some of them may end up with a jabby shot. If you can’t properly release the club with your body, then you end up destroying the short chip shot’s distance control. More info at thegolfingpro.com

  • Improve Your Short Game In Golf

    The short game refers to any stroke performed near or within the green. Although it’s only a short distance away from the hole, short games can be very tricky. It would help if you had the utmost control over your swing, distance, and direction. It’s a critical point to ensure that you will have excellent standing on the scorecards. In this post, we will give some tips on how to improve your short game in golf. So for the 10 best ways to up your short game and a few FAQ why not check it out now.

  • A Beginners Golf Club Set Buyers Guide

    Right now, many people are choosing to take up golf. If you’re one of those people—or you’re returning to the game as a former golfer—welcome! We’re excited to have you at The Golfing Pro

    Golf is a sport you could enjoy for a long - term, and right now, critically, it’s a way to spend countless hours enjoying great exercise and spending time with friends. However, you may not have golf clubs, a bag, or some of the things you need to play golf if you’re just a beginner golfer. Perhaps you’re curious what the best golf clubs for beginners are. We are here to assist! I bought my first package from a used sports goods store when I played golf roughly 17 years ago with every other iron 3-, 5-, 7- and 9-iron in it. I got the complete set of irons another year or two later. After I took up the game, suppliers noticed that by selling them boxed sets, they could engage with beginner golfers, offering them all Fourteen clubs.

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