Right now, many people are choosing to take up golf. If you’re one of those people—or you’re returning to the game as a former golfer—welcome! We’re excited to have you at The Golfing Pro

Golf is a sport you could enjoy for a long - term, and right now, critically, it’s a way to spend countless hours enjoying great exercise and spending time with friends. However, you may not have golf clubs, a bag, or some of the things you need to play golf if you’re just a beginner golfer. Perhaps you’re curious what the best golf clubs for beginners are. We are here to assist! I bought my first package from a used sports goods store when I played golf roughly 17 years ago with every other iron 3-, 5-, 7- and 9-iron in it. I got the complete set of irons another year or two later. After I took up the game, suppliers noticed that by selling them boxed sets, they could engage with beginner golfers, offering them all Fourteen clubs.